We supply and fit a large range of DAB and FM radio aerials

DAB & FM Radio Aerial Fitters

We offer a large range of radio aerials for installation from a simple Omni FM aerial to a high gain directional system.

For the majority of our installations we fit either an Omni FM aerial which picks up VHF radio signals in a 360° direction or for DAB we use an Omni directional vertically mounted DAB aerial which works well with the multitude of transmitters broadcasting.

  • Large range of radio aerials supplied and fitted
  • FM and DAB
  • All work fully guaranteed

Many modern Hi-Fi systems have combined FM & DAB tuners in which case we install both Omni aerials on twin cable which works better than any splitting systems.

We also work for high end Hi-Fi retailers whose customers require quite a large directional aerial for a particular broadcast, often radio 3 but for most customers this is not really necessary.

1) Omni FM Directional Roof Mounted Aerial. 2) 3 Element FM Aerial. 3) Short Vertical DAB Aerial.

Omni Roof Mounted FM Directional Radio Aerial (Digital/DAB/FM) 3 Element FM Directional Radio Aerial (Digital/DAB/FM) Short Vertical DAB Radio Aerial