Watch your Freeview, Freesat or Sky programmes in other rooms in your house

Freeview, Freesat & Sky Multiroom Installation

For additional Freeview aerial points we either install additional aerials or use a type of mains distribution, usually a Masthead amplifier which is installed on the mast underneath the aerial with cables routed to additional rooms for multiroom viewing. This is powered by a power multipoint unit which can be sited in any of the rooms. These are also very handy to use in attic spaces where no power is available. In good reception areas there should be enough signal (subject to testing) to successfully split the aerial signal with a high quality "F" type external splitter with no loss to reception. This method can also be used If you have had a recent quality installation already.

  • Watch Sky, Freesat or Freeview in other rooms of your home
  • All work and equipment supplied is guaranteed
  • All?additional points meter tested

The other method of distribution is mainly used to distribute Sky alongside Freeview which comprises of a distribution amplifier (from 2 way to 16 way) which is usually sited behind the main TV or in the attic space and sends the signals to as many rooms as required. These amplifiers are also compatible with Sky remote eyes which allows Sky channels to be changed in other rooms of the house. All additional points are meter tested and TV's are also tuned.

1) Masthead Power Unit. 2) Four Way Distribution Amp. 3) Four Way Masthead Amp.

Masthead Power Unit Distribution Amp Masthead Amp